In Memory Of
Katie Lee Kitchen-Tatum-Livingston

Born November 2, 1917
Died February 4, 2007
at the age of 89
Golden Funeral Home Chapel
Rev. Lloyd Townsend
Concluding Service
New Salem Cemetery
My New Friend

I have a new friend,
Her name is Katie Lee.
I truly love her,
And I think she loves me.
She is a brand new friend,
I haven’t known her long.
Every time I see her,
Our love becomes more strong.
She is a little older than me,
I tell her that’s just fine.
Just keep on hanging in there,
I’m not far behind.
I’m so glad I got to know you,
And I’ll tell you something true.
I not only love you Katie,
I love your Alma too.
Composed  March 6th, 2005

By Juanita Greenfield
This poem was composed for my mother-in-law, Katie Lee Livingston.  
The author is a neighbor of Katie's daughter, Alma Jean Moody.  Katie
was 85 years young when this poem was written, and was confined to
a nursing home because of physical disabilities.  She was very wise
and very alert.  I have known this great lady for over 50 years and love
her as much as if she was my own mother.  Alma is Katie's youngest
daughter, and I was married her oldest daughter, Marie.  Marie died on
February 12, 2013.
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