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      This page is dedicated to
Marie, my wife, and
Mother of our children
She was an angel on earth
A Mother’s Special Love

Our heavenly Father could have sent
His Son with angels bright;
He could have sent Him fully grown
To save man from his plight.

But He who is all wisdom
Chose to place in hands of love
The future of the universe,
The glory of above.

He knew there was no other love
On earth which could compare
To the unique devotion
Of a mother’s special care.

So deep His trust in this rare love,
His faith in it so sure;
He gave a mother His own Son,
Entrusting Him to her.

In doing so, He lifted up
This role above all others;
And proved that there’s a soft spot
In His heart of hearts for mothers.
~Connie Hinnen~

Copied from Central Missionary Baptist
Church Bulletin
May 2, 2006
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My Queen, My Angel, My Wife

My Poem dedicated to Marie,
My angel, My queen, My wife.

God Created The Heavens
And God Created you.
Now that you are gone
I feel so sad and blue.

Just before you left
I thought I heard you cry.
We didn’t get to hug and kiss
Or even say goodbye.

You thought you were alone
But Angels stood by your bed
With a harp in one hand
And a Halo upon their head

Now you are in Heaven-on-high
So ride on Angels wing
Now’s my time down here to cry
While you listen to Angels sing

Walk on the streets of gold
My beautiful and faithful wife
Keep an eye on the pearly gates
While you sit by the river of Life.

Fly around the bright stars
Make a circle around the moon.
Look for me rising high
For I will be coming soon.

Those beautiful gates will open soon
And I will be coming through
As I stroll around Heaven
I will be looking for you.

I love you my dear wife.

Poppy “Jim” Streeter