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Did you hear the sad news today?
Another veteran warrior has passed away.
Called by the Supreme Commander over all.
Today he has made his final roll call.

Come fellow vets; let us reverently bow and pray,
For our valiant comrade, who has fallen this day.
We will drape his casket with a banner of beautiful hues,
Those glorious American colors; red, white and blue.

That star spangled banner he gallantly fought to defend,
Unyielding and undaunted, he fought to win.
He fought bravely and he passed the battle test.
Now the Supreme Commander grants him eternal rest.

With dignity and honor, we will commit his body to the ground.
The bugler will sound taps and we will fire the volley rounds.
The final military honors we will render somberly and ever so sadly;
Old Glory we will solemnly precisely fold and reverently give to his family.

Each Memorial Day we will recall our fallen comrades names,
And attest that their selfless sacrifices were not in vain;
For this lasting legacy they gave to all generations;
It is honorable to respect our flag and to defend our great nation.

So close ranks aging warriors, for our ranks are thinning.
We must keep on fighting and keep on winning.
With pride and honor we will march and stand tall,
And we will proudly, proudly salute Old Glory until we too make our final roll call.

Author:  Carrol R. Michaud, Shreveport, La.
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