Term of Use for Our Site

You are welcome to use anything found on our site for your personal use.  That means you can use them on your personal web pages, email, or
whatever.  They are free.  We hope you enjoy viewing and using our site.  We have enjoyed creating these web pages.  

There are just a few things:

The articles and graphics on our site have been obtained from various sources.  We did not create them.  We have specified the source, if known,
given credit and provided links to the owners web site.  You must abide by their terms of use if you use them.  Some articles on our site are copyright
protected.  If you use an item that indicates it is copyright protected you must also show that it is copyright protected.  Some items require
permission to use.

Our Terms:

1.  Content and images taken from our site should show your source on the same page that you use the content or image on.  Copy the content or
images to your hard drive or web site.  Please do not link to them on our site.  That would be stealing our bandwidth.

2.  A link back to our home page would be greatly appreciated, but is not required.  The text link is or you can copy and
paste our logo from the top of this page, and link it to our site.
3.  Please do not use any content in a collection or set that you intend to distribute for profit.... We have provided the content freely for every ones
personal pleasure.  We receive no money from this site and we bare all the expenses in maintaining it, so please respect and abide by our terms.

4.  Graphics on our site have not be altered in any way, save we have altered the size of some.  You cannot alter them in any way.  You may change
the background or resize them if you wish.

5.  All of the MIDI files on this site are for your listening pleasure and can not be used for profit.  MIDI tunes can be downloaded from the Music area.  
You do not have to get our permission, although if you use one on your web site we would be grateful if you provided a link back to our site, but that
is not required. .  The MIDI files were not created by us.  They were all downloaded from other sites.  Creating these MIDI tunes is long, hard work.  
Please respect the rights of the owner and/or sequencer.

6.  Some of our pages have MP3 songs as the background music.  We are in the process of constructing an MP3 area where you can listen to the
songs that we have available.  These are copyright protected songs.  They are provided to complement the page content and for your listening
pleasure.  Please support these artist by buying their music.

~This is the complete terms of use for our site.  Thank you for understanding and respecting these terms.~

(Note:  A "Terms of Use" is not required by law to protect a site.  We have provided this page to inform every one of what we expect for using our site.  
The www is a very large "family".  Let's be nice to each other and abide by the rules.)


James and Marie Streeter
Site Owners and Webmaster