Two Loves
Aileen & Johnny
James & Marie
'God works in mysterious ways'
Jim and Aileen Meet
Two strangers meet
Jim saw a photo of Aileen and
liked what he saw.  He contacted
Aileen and she responded.  They
made arrangements to meet.
Jim and Aileen bonded at once at their first meeting.  They have been attending
church, and spending their Sundays together, and at other times
as their
schedules allow.  They have met some members of each others families
and the
family members seem to bond also.  That bond
is growing stronger as time
Could there be a second ‘True Love’ and
marriage for these two?
Jim and Aileen, two young people looking for love in different states, many miles
apart.  Jim and Aileen had never met,, but each one found that true love, was
married and spent many happy years together with their mate.
One day God called Aileen‘s mate to Heaven.  Some years later God called Jim‘s
mate to Heaven..  Many tears fell from their eyes at the loss of their loved one,
and much heart ache and loneliness was experienced.
Only God knows for sure.
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