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Who I Am
First, I'll try to be truthful (no made up facts). I was born on November the 8th in
the year of 1934 in the small village of Parkdale Arkansas. Not actually in the
village, but at home in the country. My father was a share-cropper (I'll tell you
what a share-cropper is later) and we lived in a small house surrounded by cotton
fields. We moved a lot so I attended different schools in southern Arkansas and
northern Louisiana. At the age of 17 I joined the United States Air Force and spent
over 20 years serving my country. Upon retirement from the Air Force in 1972, I
held several non-meaningful jobs. In 1977 I was employed by International Paper
Company and spent 20 years working for them in various positions. I retired from
International Paper in 1996 and have not been employed since.

I met my wife, Marie, while home on leave from my military duties in 1952.  We
corresponded (by snail mail, of course) often and we visited each time I was on
leave.  We were married on September the 8th, in 1953.  She is a “Farm raised”
girl, the oldest of 8 children, and the best cook in the world.  I must mention, as
the saying goes, "I’ve made the ends meet - but SHE is the one that kept them
teid".  My wife, Marie, passed away on February 12, 2013 at the age of 77, after
59 years of putting up with me. We have three grown children, (Loretta, James Jr,
and Phillip - in that order).  We also raised one of our grand-daughters, Amanda.
We have five grand children, most are grown, 4 step-grand children (which we see
very seldom), and six (at this time) great-grand children. We always liked to spend
as much time with the great-grand children as possible.

Our Pleasures:
We loved the outdoors. My wife and I would go camping (taking along three of our
Great-grand children most of the time) during the warmer seasons. We loved to
fish and hunt together (yes, my wife did hunt, and was better at it than I am).
Mostly, we enjoy spending time with each other and being around children,
teaching them some of the "OLD TIME" family values. Since my retirement I have
become interested in Computing (Marie did not like computers). I had never owned
or used a PC before retirement, so this has been a challenge for my mind. Our
bodies may stop growing but we should never allow our minds to stop. There is no
limit to what the mind can absorb.

What Is A Share-Cropper?
Times were hard in the 1930's and 40's. Money was almost non-existent. People
traded what they had for what they needed. So it was with the Share-Cropper. A
man and his family lived on and raised crops on another man’s land. The share-
cropper and his family supplied all the labor. The share-cropper and the land
owner both shared in the expenses of planting and harvesting the crops. Each
shared in the profits (if there was any). It was a hard but honest way of making a

The “hard times” back then taught us some valuable lessons.  First, that we can
live off the land.  Secondly, we had to work and study hard to achieve the goals
we set for ourselves.  Third, and most importantly is a person had to be
dedicated, and willing to make the sacrifices necessary to reach those goals, but
never at the expense of family and friends

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50 years together
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