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The Present

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift.
That's why they call it
the present.
James and Marie Streeter
US Air Force Flag
Retired Air Force Vet
This is a family site,
really a sight to see.
Always was, and
always will be.
You might find just about
anything on this site ......
Anything we like, that is.
Never any dirty stuff.....
Well, maybe just a little.
We love music, so you will
find background music on a lot
of our pages, not all, but most.  
To listen or not is your choice.
I know that not everyone likes
to hear background music, so
if you don't want to hear it you
will just have to click the off
button on the player.
My name is James Franklin Streeter. I am a retired 70 plus year old flunky.  I married the
former Ollie Marie Tatum.  We were married for 59 years prior to her death on February 12,
I am fairly new at this web stuff, so go ahead and laugh when you see something stupid.
I like constructive criticism, so
let me know what you think of this site.
If you would like to know more about us click on the
About Us button above.
There you will get to know us a little better.....

Thanks for dropping in.
Howdy, I'll just introduce myself.
Life is like a jar of
What you do today
might burn your
butt tomorrow.
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Exception:  You are permitted to send this page or any page on this web site to those you love, like a little, just barely
know, and those you hate (that orta make 'em wonder bout ya).
This site will forever be a
"Work In Progress"
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